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Inspirational message
On Careers
by Billie Sucher
© February 8, 2003

Photo by Sarah Sucher

Which road do I take?
What path do I choose?
On one do I win?
And the other I lose?

Tough questions to ask.
Hard decisions to make.
Promises made - are they real?
Are they fake?

Why am I confused
On what I should do?
How do you ever know
What's the ideal job for you?

People say go and do
What makes you happy inside.
I'm still searching for that
Looking far and wide.

I've taken some tests
Even assessed my skills.
And I want greener pastures
No more cheap thrills.

Networking, networking
What does it all mean?
Can I learn something from it
Or a contact to glean?

Won't someone just tell me
What to be, what to do.
I go through the motions
Watch the years slide by, too.
So I say, take a moment
To stop, and to breathe.
To listen, to discover,
Take a tiny reprieve.

Get to know you
Be a friend to yourself.
It'll be good for your soul
Even add to your health.

Every day do something positive
To take care of you.
Let go of the baggage
In all that you do.

Life's taught me that endings
Are the place to begin.
And don't look "out there"
Take a long look within.

Use your talents wisely
Do your very, very best.
Challenge yourself to the core
Don't be like the rest.

Get clear about you
Who you are, what you're not.
Go get what you want.
Life gives but one shot.
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