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Inspirational message
A Perpetual Calendar that Rocks and Fires
with Daily Motivation and Inspiration

Baseball for Life Calendar - Front

Written by a baseball player's mother, Trey's Mom (Billie Sucher), BASEBALL FOR LIFE® contains 366 baseball-related terms in alphabetical order, A to Z, January 1 to December 31. Each baseball word, term, or phrase is followed by a one-liner about life that Trey's Mom wanted her son to know as he headed off to college and then law school.

Baseball for Life Calendar - Back

BASEBALL FOR LIFE® is a fun, uplifting, and thought-provoking collection of wisdom and nuggets for baseball lovers of the world. The calendar's perpetual nature makes it a treasured companion, year after year. BASEBALL FOR LIFE®, a way of life, is a perfect gift for baseball fans, coaches, and players of all ages! To order your copy now, contact Billie.

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