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Many say "she's the best in the business." Not the biggest -- simply "the best of the best." From senior-level to entry-level employees that she serves, Billie has a "wonderful, witty and caring way of connecting" with others. She has written professional resumes for individuals in 32 of the United States and has provided career transition services to scores of people to date, coast-to-coast. Whether she's counseling the laborer from the Heartland, or coaching the C.E.O. from a Fortune 500, Billie treats all of her clients with equal respect, courtesy, and thoughtfulness. Here's how she can help by...

...serving your organization & its employees:
If your organization finds itself needing to reduce staff to remain competitive in today's tumultuous times, consider using Billie Sucher's professional career transition services. Or, perhaps your firm is expanding its employee benefits to include career counseling and coaching services.

"She knows what she's doing and she does it so very well."
RSL, President/CEO, Management Consulting Services

...serving self-sponsored individuals:
If you are an individual who has decided to embark upon a career transition and need an experienced career professional to show you the way, talk with Billie about her services. She's "down-to-earth, straightforward, smart, and sensitive" to the needs of employers and employees alike. No cookie-cutter approaches. No false promises. Billie does exactly what she says she'll do to help your company, your employees - and then some - according to those who have used her services.
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